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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal of website is to present your work, ideas, products and services to the world and website without SEO is like a car without engine, It may look nice, it may look like a real website but in fact it is not, with it you are going nowhere. Making website SEO friendly and getting it high ranked in search results is what we do for you. Real quality of one website is content, therefore making meaningful content is the first step in search engine optimization. In close collaboration with client we organize and polish website content for the best possible ranking. Better ranking on major search engines means larger audience and as an result more clients for your business and ideas.

SEO for new Website

Careful planing is what we do first. Good website is not just good design, it is far more then that. Making fast loading, optimized coding is the first step, the second one is analyzing textual content and goal of website so that content be tuned for it. All techniques and recommendations given from Google, Yahoo and Bing are implemented. Generally working on new website is far easier then working on existing website. There are myriad problems that we came across when SEO work for existing website needs to be done. But even then we do SEO work with success.

SEO for Existing Websites

As already mentioned website is not just nicely designed pages. Client often get beautiful website and they are satisfied with it, but after few months they notice that nobody ever contact them over website. Why is that? A the moment there are many CMS, many free templates all around the web. With little knowledge and with little dedication everybody can have something on internet. Problem is when it gets to obtaining visitors part. With bad SEO work or no SEO work on website there are no visitors. The real visitor and real customers you can get only with well done SEO. Of course you can pay for traffic, you can advertise website but all that gives just short term results and then your website fall into darkens again.

Our first step in making your existing website SEO friendly is analyzes. Usually that take just a few days. Then we are sending recommendations, what and how should be done.

FireWind Portfolio Highlights


FireWind has gone above and beyond on every level possible with this project. I have never had someone be so meticulous about every little detail. They has also went above and beyond on making sure I understood everything that they did and why they did it. There is nothing they can't do. I don't think I will ever use anyone else for my projects.

Jim K. Arlington, TX

Excellent work by FireWind, great communication, have used them before and definitely will use them again. Highly Recommend them to anyone else.

Anna R. Melbourne, Australia

I am having to use a thesaurus to keep find a adjective I havent used yet to describe the quality of their work, the excellent commucation skills and attentention to detail they exhibit. Great work!!!

David M. Lumberton, MS