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Software Development

FireWind software solutions are cross platform, highly optimized, reliable and extensible. FireWind desktop applications works on MacOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms.

FireWind solutions provide maximum safety of information and minimal data loss possibility. All FireWind solutions are based on n-tire architecture which makes FireWind software solutions reliable, easy for maintenance and extensible.

FireWind develops SCADA software of exceptional reliability, based on n-tire architecture. Developed in Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), FireWind SCADA is secure and reliable solution for data acquisition and supervisory control.

FireWind systems for software registration and protection of illegal usage (Licencing software) works on all platforms and provides easy integration with web based system for software purchase and registration.

Business Administration Software

Most of business administrative software you may currently find covers basic tasks and help you with most common administrative procedures. When you came a cross of some specific task related just to your business existing software solutions does not help much.

FireWind provides cross platform software solutions for specific operations in civil engineering, metallurgy engineering, food production and other brunches of business where special approach is needed for problem solving.

We are especially proud on our SCADA software solutions and optimization desktop applications.

For more information on our software solution for business administration you can contact us via form on contact page.

Video and Audio Processing Software

FireWind video and audio processing software is not meant for common home and office use, although it can be used in some special cases in home and office environment.

We provide solutions for government, educational institutions, radio and television stations and other companies where special type of processing is required. Another area where our software solutions is used are in analyzing of sport events.

You can contact us at any time via our contact page and explain your needs in audio and video processing and we are get back to you as soon as possible with proposal.

FireWind Portfolio Highlights


FireWind has gone above and beyond on every level possible with this project. I have never had someone be so meticulous about every little detail. They has also went above and beyond on making sure I understood everything that they did and why they did it. There is nothing they can't do. I don't think I will ever use anyone else for my projects.

Jim K. Arlington, TX

Excellent work by FireWind, great communication, have used them before and definitely will use them again. Highly Recommend them to anyone else.

Anna R. Melbourne, Australia

I am having to use a thesaurus to keep find a adjective I havent used yet to describe the quality of their work, the excellent commucation skills and attentention to detail they exhibit. Great work!!!

David M. Lumberton, MS